Subaru Legacy Sunroof Mod

The Problem

Subaru failed a bit with the design of the sunroof/moonroof on the 2005-2009 Legacy. Its “automatic” close is quite under-designed and effectively pointless as it takes some waiting and a second press half way through to get it closed. With daily use, this and other aspects of its operation make the sunroof an annoyance in an otherwise outstandingly designed vehicle.

The Solution

The SLM1 (for lack of a better name) is a small electronic module which piggybacks the factory sunroof control module, adds features and makes its overall operation more desirable.

Primary Features

  • 1-touch close (automatically continues movement after it stops half way)
  • Automatic close when turning off your cars ignition (can be manually overriden)
  • Opening when tilted up (rather than just doing nothing) will tilt down, then open
  • Tilting up when open (rather than just doing nothing) will fully close, then tilt up
  • Use the (-) input trigger wire to either open or close your sunroof remotely using external devices like your after-market alarm/key-less or remote start

Secondary Features

  • cancel operations by pressing opposing buttons (like factory)
  • most operations will continue even after key is turned off
  • too short of a press for closing that would not have triggered automatic close before will be picked up and continued so that the sunroof always completely closes
  • both audible and visual confirmation
  • user programmable options
  • all connections are in one place behind the sunroof switches (*1 exception for wagons)

Programmable Options

  • enable/disable ignition auto-close
  • enable/disable beeping confirmations
  • trigger wire function: open or close
  • disable all functions (operate like factory)

Differences with the wagon

  • tilt features are irrelevant and disabled
  • * 2 wires must be run and connected down to fuse/relay box near driver foot area (this can be omitted if you don’t need ‘auto ignition close’ or continued operations when key/ignition is off)
  • the motor/module in the wagon are located at the back of the sunroof rather than front so the headliner (roof fabric) must be at least be dropped enough to access the factory sunroof module where all but the 2 connections are made

Guarantees, Updates, fixes and such

I’m not a business, I am just a guy, a hobbyist if you will. I must say things like… you should have a professional install this and I’m not responsible for malfunction or damage. Having said that, if I take your money I will certainly stand by my work. If there are problems discovered and fixes or updates are made, I will ship you a new micro-chip to plug into your unit with the updates for free for at least 1 year. If you are uncomfortable installing the chip yourself, you can ship the unit to me and I will update it and ship it back. I have not been able to test this thing on all of the vehicles it fits (listed below). If it does not operate as intended on your vehicle (given proper installation), you may return it to me for a refund.


This is a list of vehicles that to the best of my knowledge share more or less identical components and operation (based on factory service manual information, discussion and physical appearance) and should therefor be compatible with this product.

2005 – 2009 Subaru Legacy (Sedan and Wagon)
2005 – 2009 Subaru Outback (Sedan and Wagon)

Installation difficulty

Installing this product is very similar to most other 12volt after-market electronics. All 12 wire connections are made near the sunroof behind the sunroof and map light switches (*see differences with the wagon). All wires are color coded. An extensive instruction sheet and wiring diagram for your car will be provided. I recommend soldering connections as I do for any automotive electronics I install. If you’re willing to drive to Utica, New York, I’m willing to assist you with installation.

Here is a video demonstration using the prototype in my Legacy GT: Demo Video (probably should do a ‘Save As’)

Please contact me if you have any questions!